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Prizes & Awards
(Introduced by Grand Jury Members)

Grand Jury Member Prof. Amelie Fradette Welcoming Participants to Apply

Grand Jury Member Prof. Amelie Fradette Welcoming Participants to Apply

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Invitation Message from
Prof Amelie Fradette  

Invitation Message from
Maestro Warren Cohen 

Invitation Message from
Maestro Massimiliano Valenti (Italy)

US-Canadian International Music Competition




MARKING SYSTEM (for Final Round)
Absolute Platinum Award: 98-100%
Platinum Award:  95-97%
Gold Award: 90-94%
Silver Award: 85-89%
Bronze Award: 80-84%
Honorable Mention: 76-79% and above 
Certificate of Participation
PRIZES and AWARDS (For Final Round only)
* Prizes, certificates and medals are awarded to Final Round winners only.
The results of the first round only indicate whether a participant is accepted into the Final Round.  



* Top Winner - Philip Cohen Award (Scholarship) - with the opportunity to perform LIVE at New York Carnegie Hall in late 2024.

* Special Masterclass opportunity in Europe (ITALY) with Maestro Massimiliano Valenti in 2024 (LIVE) as recommended by the grand jury for outstanding young musicians.

* Top winners will be featured in an online video interview.
* Top winners will be featured in major news networks worldwide such CBS, NBC, FOX and more.



* Performances of top winners will be made available on Youtube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer and other music platforms.

* Winners will receive awards, medals, trophies and certificates.

* Top Prize winners will be featured on our competition website and social media sites with a concert portrait, biography, and their prize winning video. Special poster featuring top prize winners. 
* Unique online performance opportunities for top prize winners.

* Grand Prizes, Trophies and Scholarships 
* Letters of recommendation for students who wish to strengthen their curriculum vitae, increasing the possibility for acceptance in musical institutions, colleges and universities, as well as scholarship and grant applications.
* Cash prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the jury. The jury reserves the right to not award any of the prizes; or to offer an ex aqueo, splitting a prize between several contestants. Decisions of the adjudicators are FINAL. 

Top Winners' Laureate Circle
Top prize winners (including Gold, Platinum & Absolute Platinum laureates) will automatically be admitted into the US-Canadian Artist International Music Competition laureate circle. Online concert performance opportunities will be available to facilitate the performance experience and career of developing musicians.

Letter of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation for winners of 5 consecutive years will be provided upon request which are useful for scholarship applications as well as college, university application. 
A special prize and certificate will be awarded to winners of 5 consecutive years in the US-Canadian International Music Competition.




Teachers' Certificates of Recognition for all winners who completed the final round.

Top Teacher Awards    

Special interview will be offered to top prize winning teacher and will be published in major international news networks.

Special invitation for teachers who have very outstanding student participants to join the jury panel for 2025 US-CANADIAN  International Music Competition.​


Eligibility Criteria: This opportunity is available to all music teachers and educators, regardless of their specialty in instruments or vocal training, based in the U.S. or anywhere globally. It encompasses those who instruct in various settings, including private studios, educational institutions, schools, or colleges.

Each year, we honor educators who exemplify a deep dedication to the field of music education and consistently uphold high professional standards. Ideal candidates are those who not only commit to their own professional growth but also actively inspire and support their students in their musical pursuits.

  1. US-CANADIAN Maestro Award

    • Nominees will be selected based on the quality of their students' performances in the US-Canadian International Music Competition, considering adjudicator’s review, accumulated scores, and performances in the final round. Selection will be based on reviews of 10 or more students participating in the competition.

  2. US-CANADIAN Music Educator Award

    • Nominees will be chosen for the excellence of their students' performances in the US-Canadian International Music Competition, including adjudicator’s evaluation, total score, and performance in the final round.

      • Selection will be based on reviews of 10 or more students.

  3. US-CANADIAN Inspiring Mentor Award

    • Nominees will be selected due to the high quality of their students' performances in the US-Canadian International Music Competition, encompassing adjudicator’s feedback, overall score, and the students' performance in the final round.

    • Additionally, a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation from students is required.

      • Optional: Additional recommendations may include endorsements from colleagues, fellow teachers, or students’ parents familiar with the teacher’s instructional methods and personal attributes.

    • Selection will be based on reviews of 10 or more students in the competition.

These award titles and criteria are designed to reflect the international and collaborative spirit of the US-Canadian International Music Competition, while also acknowledging the dedication and impact of music educators.

Introducing the "Best Collaborative Musician (Accompanist) Award" for the US-Canadian International Music Competition

In the realm of musical performance, the role of a collaborative musician, particularly that of an accompanist, is both vital and often underappreciated. These talented individuals work in concert with featured performers, providing essential support that elevates each piece to its full potential. Recognizing the pivotal contribution of these artists, the US-Canadian International Music Competition is proud to introduce the "Best Collaborative Musician (Accompanist) Award."

This prestigious award aims to honor the exceptional skill, dedication, and artistry of accompanists participating in our competition. Collaborative musicians are the unsung heroes behind many outstanding performances, seamlessly blending their talents with those of the lead performers to create a cohesive and memorable musical experience. Their expertise is not merely in playing an instrument but in the art of partnership and musical empathy, which are crucial for a successful performance.

Eligibility for this award extends to all collaborative musicians who participate in the current year's competition. Our esteemed jury, composed of distinguished figures in the music world, will evaluate these musicians based on their technical proficiency, musicality, and ability to enhance the overall performance.

The recipient of the "Best Collaborative Musician (Accompanist) Award" will be a musician who not only exhibits exceptional skill and musicianship but also demonstrates a profound understanding of the collaborative nature of musical performance. This award serves as a testament to their invaluable contribution and a recognition of their role in achieving the highest levels of musical excellence.

We believe that by acknowledging and celebrating the work of collaborative musicians, we can foster a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create truly exceptional musical performances. This award is a step towards highlighting the indispensable role of these artists in the world of music.

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