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Congratulations to 2024 Final Round Winners!

Dear Participants, Teachers, and Parents,

On behalf of the US-Canadian International Music Competition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering dedication, support, and commitment. Our inaugural edition witnessed an extraordinary display of talent, with musicians ranging from the tender age of four to seasoned professionals, hailing from diverse corners of the globe – including Austria, Canada, China, Georgia, Greece, Japan, Latvia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherland, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Yerevan.

Your exceptional performances have been a source of inspiration, captivating the hearts and minds of our esteemed jury members. We hope that this experience has ignited within you a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration, propelling you forward on your musical journey. May you continue to strive for excellence, using your art as a means of self-expression and artistic exploration.

A resounding bravo to all of you! With great pride, we now present the final round results of this prestigious competition.


US-Canadian International Music Competition Committee


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Grand Prizes & AWARDS

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* Winners of the above prizes will be notified personally via email within two weeks following the release of these final results.

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*Very Important: Please make sure you complete the Certificate and Medal Application form to receive your certificate and prizes 

2024 US-Canadian International Music Competition Prize Winners' Concert
Platinum Medalists

Yifu Peng - Piano - Solo - Professional Category -  USA - 99% - Absolute Platinum Medalist 

Jammie Lee - Piano - Solo -  Professional Category - Canada - 98% - Absolute Platinum Medalist

Sesili Sivsivadze - Piano - Concerto - Junior Category -  Georgia - 97% - Platinum Medalist

Alvin Lee  - Piano - Solo - Junior Category -  USA - 96% - Platinum Medalist  

Anjulie Djearam - Voice - Solo - Collegiate Category - Canada - 96% - Platinum Medalist  

Barron Cheng - Piano - Solo - Pre-Junior Category - 4 years old -  Hong Kong - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Esme Tran - Piano - Solo - Junior Category - 9 years old -  USA - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Antian Jiang - Piano - Solo - Collegiate Category - Canada - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Huanhuan Xie - Voice - Solo - Professional Category - USA - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Colin Crake - Saxophone - Professional Category - 9 years old -  USA - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Puri Puengpipattrakul - Piano - Solo - Youth Category - Thailand - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Reynold Yang - Clarinet - Solo - Youth Category - New Zealand - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

Nikolia Garoufalidou - Violin - Solo - Youth Category - Greece - 95% - Platinum Medalist  

US-Canadian International Music Competition Congratulations all winners and participants for their outstanding work! Bravo!

2024 US-Canadian International Music Competition (Top Gold MEDALISTS) 

Pharphum Phophong - Flute - Solo - Junior Category - Thailand - 94% - Top Gold Medalist  

Aya Okimoto - Piano - Solo - Youth Category - USA - 94% - Top Gold Medalist  

Ryan Shin - Piano - Solo - Youth Category - USA - 94% - Top Gold Medalist  

Sarah Zhang - Violin - Solo - Youth Category - USA - 94% - Top Gold Medalist  

Katherrine Reaves  - Voice  - Solo - Professional Category - USA - 94% - Top Gold Medalist  

US-Canadian International Music Competition Congratulations all winners and participants for their outstanding work! Bravo!

CD Covers for winners featured on Music distribution Platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify & other channels

Winner's Biographies (More Coming soon...)

Finalists, we invite you to share your achievement with a photo and 200-word biography. Submit these by April 16, 2024 to, and we'll proudly feature your success story on this page.

2024 Winners' Biographies

Yifu Peng - Absolute Platinum Medalist - 99% - Piano - Professional Category - USA

Yifu Peng, a native of Shenzhen, China, has exhibited a profound dedication to music from a young age. Initiated into piano studies at the age of eight, his exceptional commitment and innate aptitude rapidly advanced his musical education. Peng's academic journey in music commenced with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, where he distinguished himself through his artistic prowess.


In pursuit of comprehensive musical development, Peng furthered his studies at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington, earning a Master's degree. He is currently engaged in a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) program at Michigan State University, under the mentorship of the esteemed pianist Eric Zuber. This demanding program is significantly honing his artistry and technique, equipping him for an eminent career in professional piano performance.


Peng's outstanding abilities have garnered significant recognition within the classical music sphere, including prestigious awards such as the Distinguished Gold Medal at the 2023 Seattle International Piano Festival Classical Series and the Platinum Medal at the 2023 Quebec Music Competition. These accolades underscore his exceptional talent and deep musicality. Yifu Peng is undoubtedly emerging as a formidable presence on the global classical music stage, poised to leave an indelible mark with his contributions.

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Jammie Lee - Absolute Platinum Medalist - 98% - Piano - Professional Category - Canada

Jammie Lee, from Winnipeg, has a distinguished piano background from when he was a native in Korea. With the prestigious Seoul Arts Center recognizing his exceptional talent, he began studying under Dr. Seo Jung Won. After immigrating to Canada, he continued his studies with Dr. Kyung Kim and Dr. Lawrence Jones at Brandon University. Despite his accolades in music, Jammie has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science from McGill University, aiming towards a career in medicine.


Throughout his career, Jammie won prizes at numerous national and international music competitions, including a platinum medal at the Canadian International Music Competition, second prize at the International ENKOR Competition, third place and special award at the FCMF National Finals as its youngest competitor, and second prize at the Canadian Music Competition. Most recently, Jammie was declared one of three finalists for the McLellan Competition, where he will perform a full concerto with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in the finale.

Jammie launched his professional debut at the age of 15 with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, playing Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini". He was invited by the Agassiz Chamber Music Festival as its emerging artist to perform a solo recital alongside some of Canada's most renowned artists.

Screen Shot 2024-06-13 at 10.16.18 PM.png

Alvin Lee - Platinum Medalist - Junior Category - Piano - South Korea

Alvin Lee, a 5th grader at Fernwood Elementary School, began studying piano at age 7 with Mr. Allan Park. In January 2024, Alvin made his debut at Carnegie Hall. He has earned numerous accolades, including Gold Medals from Sonafest and the Performing Arts Festival of Eastside (PAFE) for both Solo and Concerto categories, along with the Adjudicator’s Choice Award. He also received a Gold Seal from the Seattle Young Artists Music Association for both the Complete Program and Junior Concerto, 2nd place in the KMA Youth Music Scholarship Competition, a Bronze medal from the Chopin Northwest Festival, a Gold medal from the International French Music Piano Competition, and an Honorable Mention from the Bellevue Symphony Concerto Competition.

In 2023, Alvin performed with the Eastside Symphony and the Bellevue Chamber Orchestra, securing eight gold medals, including four Adjudicator’s Choice Awards and one Most Memorable Prize. Since 2020, he has consistently achieved Gold and Platinum Medals in various prestigious competitions such as the Bellevue Symphony Concerto Competition, SCMTA Concerto Competition, Eastside Symphony Concerto Competition, Pacific NW Concerto Competition, Chopin Northwest Competition, Pacific Northwest Piano Competition, Sonafest, Russian Chamber Music Foundation Competition, PAFE, Pacific International Piano Competition, the 9th Annual Rome International Music Competition, Convention Recital Competition, Canadian International Music Competition, International French Music Piano Competition, Brussels International Music Competition, and the International German Music Piano Competition.

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GLORIALLE (Ludmila Pelahiy) – Gold Medalist – Professional
Category (Mezzo-soprano) – Operatic Pop – Austria


GLORIALLE is an Operatic Pop singer. She graduated with distinction from the
Conservatory Friedrich Gulda School of Music Wien. Now the young singer is
studying with great passion at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna. She has performed on the most prestigious stages in the world: Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Vienna State Opera, Opera of Burg Gars, Liechtenstein Palace, Burgtheater Wien, Wiener Musikverein, Wiener Konzerthaus.

GLORIALLE has been awarded first prize as a soloist at numerous national and
international competitions and festivals: VanBach International Music Competition
2024 (Diamond Medal); Carl Reinecke International Music Competition 2024
(Platinum Medal); Francesca Lebrun International Music Competition 2024
(Platinum Medal); US-Canadian International Music Competition 2024 (Gold
Medal); Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition 2023 (Winners‘
Concert at the Royal Albert Hall); Golden Classical Music Awards International
Competition 2023 (Winners‘ Concert at the Carnegie Hall); Certificate of
Achievement World Online Music Competitions Organization 2023 for outstanding multi-award achievement; European Classical Music Awards Grand Prix 2023 (Platinum Medal, Vocalist of the Year Award); European Classical Music Vocalist Award 2023 (Platinum Medal, Special Award for best representation of the country Austria, Artist of the Month Award); MLA Music Legend Award 2023 (Platinum Medal, Special Award for best representation of the country Austria); European Spring Music Competition 2023 (Platinum Medal, Special Award for best representation of the country Austria); Grand Master Music Competition 2023 (Platinum Medal); Nobel-Artist International Music Competition 2023 (Gold Medal); Global International Music Competition 2022 (Gold Medal); Super Cup Fiestalonia International Contest 2022; Canadian International Music Competition 2020-2021 (Platinum Medal).
GLORIALLE performed at several gala concerts and festivals: Winners‘ Concert of
the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition 2023 at the Royal Albert Hall; Winners‘ Concert of the Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition 2023 at the Carnegie Hall; Benefit event for the people in Ukraine “Human being is bigger than war” at the Burgtheater Wien; Benefit concert for the collection of donations for Ukrainian refugees: Certificate of appreciation for generous contribution to the 2022 Ukrainian Charity Concert; Benefit gala evening Innocent 2021 at the Liechtenstein Palace in Vienna; Gala concert “Berühmte Opernchöre” with the Arnold Schoenberg Choir at the Oper Burg Gars; Gala events “CGDC Award” 2012 and 2013; “Junge Musik”-Concert of “Wien Modern”.

Naya Katrina Nassar .png

Naya Katrina Nassa - Silver Medalist - Voice - Youth Category - Bahrain

Naya Katrina Nassar is high school junior at the French International School of Bahrain. She has been singing since she was 4 years old and started taking formal classes for about four years now. Since then, she has participated in multiple national and international music competitions where she won many awards.

She started singing pop music, but her passion led her to singing opera, where she realized her true love for music and true potential.

She has completed Grade 5 Theory ABRSM and passed with distinction. Moreover, she is currently working on obtaining a Grade 8 ABRSM musical theatre diploma. During her free time, she enjoys singing songs from musicals at home, playing the piano and working on her school musical “Beauty and the Beast”, as a co-organizer.

Saadya Polavarapu .png


Saadya Polavarapu - Silver Medalist - Voice - Junior Category - India

Saadya Polavarapu was born on 5th April 2013 in Bangalore, India. She started her music journey at the age of four with Carnatic vocals. At the age of 5 she took up Western vocal as well. She is a vocalist who enjoys singing Carnatic music which is a style of Indian traditional music as well as the repertoires Broadway & Musical, Classical & Jazz, and also Popular music. Saadya has a versatile voice, which she can adapt to many genre of music. Saadya has had the opportunity to sing at various prestigious concerts, famous temples. She has performed on many occasions with in India and abroad.

Saadya has won the First Place at The Canada Red Maple Competition 2023 as well as The Radiant Voice Award. She has performed at the Accolade Hall at the York University in Toronto. She has won second place in The American Protege International Vocal Competition 2023. She has won second place at The Clara Schumann International Competition. She has won, The Bronze Medal at The Global International Music Competition 2023. She has won The Bronze at The Grand Maestro International Music Competition 2023. In Carnatic music she has one first place in the Art of India music competition 2023. She has won The First place in the Royal Maas International Competition 2024. She has also won a Silver Medal in the 2024 Euro Elite International Music Competition. She has also won a Silver Medal in The US-Canadian International Music Competition 2024. She has won an Honourable Mention in The ARCADIA
Music Competition 2024. She will be performing at the Carnegie hall in New York the Summer of 2024.

Saadya is passionate about music and plans to pursue it by studying music and performing arts internationally.  

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